The Rock 'n' Read Project

All children reading at grade level through singing

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization


A 12-hour course in three 4-hour sessions

TARGET AUDIENCE: PreK through 5th grade classroom teachers and specialists

Learn 3 proven, research- and evidence-based singing strategies that both enliven students and "cross train" their brains for reading and learning. Backed up by cutting-edge neuroscience about brain development.

  1. Affirming Parallel Concepts: singing songs and playing singing games to consciously practice reading and math skills for retention and automaticity of recall.

  2. Group Choral Reading: whole-group reading of poems over a steady beat to increase vocabulary, prosody, comprehension and fluency

  3. Same-Language Subtitling: singing along with videos of songs from musicals creates inescapable reading behavior.